Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0858 (Thomas Lenzi et al.)

Development and Study of Different Muon Track Reconstruction Algorithms
for the Level-1 Trigger for the CMS Muon Upgrade with GEM Detectors

Thomas Lenzi, Gilles De Lentdecker
In the upcoming years, with the upgrade of the LHC to higher luminosities, CMS will be subject to an increasing flux of particles, especially in its most forward region, at | \eta | > 1.6. To consolidate the muon spectrometer of CMS and increase redundancy, the CMS GEM collaboration proposes to instrument the 1.6 < | \eta | < 2.1 region, originally foreseen to be equipped with RPC, with Triple-GEM detectors. This technology has proven to remain efficient under high fluxes and meets the requirements of CMS. This work, using simulations, studies three track reconstruction algorithms intended to be installed in the first selection stage of CMS for Triple-GEM detectors: a Least Squares fit, a standard Kalman filter, and a modified Kalman filter. A comparative analysis is performed between the results obtained with Triple-GEM detectors and those yielded by the actual system in order to quantity the improvements made to the CMS muon spectrometer and to the CMS trigger system.
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