Thursday, August 23, 2012

1208.4311 (Radja Boughezal et al.)

Single-variable asymmetries for measuring the `Higgs' boson spin and CP

Radja Boughezal, Thomas J. LeCompte, Frank Petriello

1208.4361 (Yang Bai et al.)

Searches with Mono-Leptons    [PDF]

Yang Bai, Tim M. P. Tait

1208.4468 (ZEUS Collaboration)

Production of the excited charm mesons D_1 and D^*_2 at HERA    [PDF]

ZEUS Collaboration

1208.4513 (P. Roig et al.)

Theoretical inputs and errors in the new hadronic currents in TAUOLA    [PDF]

P. Roig, I. M. Nugent, T. Przedzinski, O. Shekhovtsova, Z. Was

1208.4537 (Rongrong Ma et al.)

Measurements of the inclusive jet cross section and jet fragmentation in
pp collisions with the ALICE experiment at the LHC

Rongrong Ma, for the ALICE Collaboration

1208.4588 (Jochen Schieck)

Measurement of the strong coupling alpha_S in e+e- annihilation using
the three-jet rate

Jochen Schieck

1208.4597 (David McKeen et al.)

Modified Higgs branching ratios versus CP and lepton flavor violation    [PDF]

David McKeen, Maxim Pospelov, Adam Ritz