Friday, January 4, 2013

1301.0021 (Thomas J. Weiler)

On the likely dominance of WIMP annihilation to fermion pair+W/Z (and
implication for indirect detection)

Thomas J. Weiler

1301.0053 (M. Ablikim et al.)

Partial wave analysis of $J/ψ\to γηη$    [PDF]

M. Ablikim, M. N. Achasov, O. Albayrak, D. J. Ambrose, F. F. An, Q. An, J. Z. Bai, R. Baldini Ferroli, Y. Ban, J. Becker, J. V. Bennett, N. Berger, M. Bertani, J. M. Bian, E. Boger, O. Bondarenko, I. Boyko, R. A. Briere, V. Bytev, H. Cai, X. Cai, O. Cakir, A. Calcaterra, G. F. Cao, S. A. Cetin, J. F. Chang, G. Chelkov, G. Chen, H. S. Chen, J. C. Chen, M. L. Chen, S. J. Chen, X. Chen, Y. B. Chen, H. P. Cheng, Y. P. Chu, D. Cronin-Hennessy, H. L. Dai, J. P. Dai, D. Dedovich, Z. Y. Deng, A. Denig, I. Denysenko, M. Destefanis, W. M. Ding, Y. Ding, L. Y. Dong, M. Y. Dong, S. X. Du, J. Fang, S. S. Fang, L. Fava, C. Q. Feng, P. Friedel, C. D. Fu, J. L. Fu, Y. Gao, C. Geng, K. Goetzen, W. X. Gong, W. Gradl, M. Greco, M. H. Gu, Y. T. Gu, Y. H. Guan, A. Q. Guo, L. B. Guo, T. Guo, Y. P. Guo, Y. L. Han, F. A. Harris, K. L. He, M. He, Z. Y. He, T. Held, Y. K. Heng, Z. L. Hou, C. Hu, H. M. Hu, J. F. Hu, T. Hu, G. M. Huang, G. S. Huang, J. S. Huang, L. Huang, X. T. Huang, Y. Huang, Y. P. Huang, T. Hussain, C. S. Ji, Q. Ji, Q. P. Ji, X. B. Ji, X. L. Ji, L. L. Jiang, X. S. Jiang, J. B. Jiao, Z. Jiao, D. P. Jin, S. Jin, F. F. Jing, N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki, M. Kavatsyuk, B. Kopf, M. Kornicer, W. Kuehn, W. Lai, J. S. Lange, M. Leyhe, C. H. Li, Cheng Li, Cui Li, D. M. Li, F. Li, G. Li, H. B. Li, J. C. Li, K. Li, Lei Li, Q. J. Li, S. L. Li, W. D. Li, W. G. Li, X. L. Li, X. N. Li, X. Q. Li, X. R. Li, Z. B. Li, H. Liang, Y. F. Liang, Y. T. Liang, G. R. Liao, X. T. Liao, D. Lin, B. J. Liu, C. L. Liu, C. X. Liu, F. H. Liu, Fang Liu, Feng Liu, H. Liu, H. B. Liu, H. H. Liu, H. M. Liu, H. W. Liu, J. P. Liu, K. Liu, K. Y. Liu, Kai Liu, P. L. Liu, Q. Liu, S. B. Liu, X. Liu, Y. B. Liu, Z. A. Liu, Zhiqiang Liu, Zhiqing Liu, H. Loehner, G. R. Lu, H. J. Lu, J. G. Lu, Q. W. Lu, X. R. Lu, Y. P. Lu, C. L. Luo, M. X. Luo, T. Luo, X. L. Luo, M. Lv, C. L. Ma, F. C. Ma, H. L. Ma, Q. M. Ma, S. Ma, T. Ma, X. Y. Ma, F. E. Maas, M. Maggiora, Q. A. Malik, Y. J. Mao, Z. P. Mao, J. G. Messchendorp, J. Min, T. J. Min, R. E. Mitchell, X. H. Mo, C. Morales Morales, N. Yu. Muchnoi, H. Muramatsu, Y. Nefedov, C. Nicholson, I. B. Nikolaev, Z. Ning, S. L. Olsen, Q. Ouyang, S. Pacetti, J. W. Park, M. Pelizaeus, H. P. Peng, K. Peters, J. L. Ping, R. G. Ping, R. Poling, E. Prencipe, M. Qi, S. Qian, C. F. Qiao, L. Q. Qin, X. S. Qin, Y. Qin, Z. H. Qin, J. F. Qiu, K. H. Rashid, G. Rong, X. D. Ruan, A. Sarantsev, B. D. Schaefer, M. Shao, C. P. Shen, X. Y. Shen, H. Y. Sheng, M. R. Shepherd, X. Y. Song, S. Spataro, B. Spruck, D. H. Sun, G. X. Sun, J. F. Sun, S. S. Sun, Y. J. Sun, Y. Z. Sun, Z. J. Sun, Z. T. Sun, C. J. Tang, X. Tang, I. Tapan, E. H. Thorndike, D. Toth, M. Ullrich, I. U. Uman, G. S. Varner, B. Q. Wang, D. Wang, D. Y. Wang, K. Wang, L. L. Wang, L. S. Wang, M. Wang, P. Wang, P. L. Wang, Q. J. Wang, S. G. Wang, X. F. Wang, X. L. Wang, Y. D. Wang, Y. F. Wang, Y. Q. Wang, Z. Wang, Z. G. Wang, Z. Y. Wang, D. H. Wei, J. B. Wei, P. Weidenkaff, Q. G. Wen, S. P. Wen, M. Werner, U. Wiedner, L. H. Wu, N. Wu, S. X. Wu, W. Wu, Z. Wu, L. G. Xia, Y. X. Xia, Z. J. Xiao, Y. G. Xie, Q. L. Xiu, G. F. Xu, G. M. Xu, Q. J. Xu, Q. N. Xu, X. P. Xu, Z. R. Xu, F. Xue, Z. Xue, L. Yan, W. B. Yan, Y. H. Yan, H. X. Yang, Y. Yang, Y. X. Yang, H. Ye, M. Ye, M. H. Ye, B. X. Yu, C. X. Yu, H. W. Yu, J. S. Yu, S. P. Yu, C. Z. Yuan, Y. Yuan, A. A. Zafar, A. Zallo, Y. Zeng, B. X. Zhang, B. Y. Zhang, C. Zhang, C. C. Zhang, D. H. Zhang, H. H. Zhang, H. Y. Zhang, J. Q. Zhang, J. W. Zhang, J. Y. Zhang, J. Z. Zhang, Li Li Zhang, R. Zhang, S. H. Zhang, X. J. Zhang, X. Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, Y. H. Zhang, Z. P. Zhang, Z. Y. Zhang, Zhenghao Zhang, G. Zhao, H. S. Zhao, J. W. Zhao, K. X. Zhao, Lei Zhao, Ling Zhao, M. G. Zhao, Q. Zhao, Q. Z. Zhao, S. J. Zhao, T. C. Zhao, X. H. Zhao, Y. B. Zhao, Z. G. Zhao, A. Zhemchugov, B. Zheng, J. P. Zheng, Y. H. Zheng, B. Zhong, Z. Zhong, L. Zhou, X. Zhou, X. K. Zhou, X. R. Zhou, C. Zhu, K. Zhu, K. J. Zhu, S. H. Zhu, X. L. Zhu, Y. C. Zhu, Y. M. Zhu, Y. S. Zhu, Z. A. Zhu, J. Zhuang, B. S. Zou, J. H. Zou

1301.0055 (Weiming Yao et al.)

Direct searches for the standard model Higgs boson produced in
association with a vector boson at CDF

Weiming Yao, for the CDF Collaboration

1301.0090 (Xiao-Fang Han et al.)

Little Higgs theory confronted with the LHC Higgs data    [PDF]

Xiao-Fang Han, Lei Wang, Jin Min Yang, Jingya Zhu

1301.0098 (M. Zielinski)

Test of charge conjugation invariance in eta->pi0 e+e- and
eta->pi+pi-pi0 decays

M. Zielinski

1301.0101 (Julia Andreeva et al.)

Automating ATLAS Computing Operations using the Site Status Board    [PDF]

Julia Andreeva, Carlos Borrego Iglesias, Simone Campana, Alessandro Di Girolamo, Ivan Dzhunov, Xavier Espinal Curull, Stavro Gayazov, Erekle Magradze, Michal Maciej Nowotka, Lorenzo Rinaldi, Pablo Saiz, Jaroslava Schovancova, Graeme Andrew Stewart, Michael Wright

1301.0141 (Romulus Godang)

Charm Decays and Spectroscopy at BABAR    [PDF]

Romulus Godang

1301.0197 (Wen-Fei Wang et al.)

Semileptonic decays $B/B_s \to (η,\etar,
G)(l^+l^-,l\barν,ν\barν)$ in the perturbative QCD approach beyond
the leading order

Wen-Fei Wang, Ying-Ying Fan, Min Liu, Zhen-Jun Xiao

1301.0225 (Cai-Dian Lü et al.)

Hunting for a scalar glueball in exclusive B decays    [PDF]

Cai-Dian Lü, Ulf-G. Meißner, Wei Wang, Qiang Zhao

1301.0228 (Flavio Archilli)

Search for rare purely leptonic decays at LHCb    [PDF]

Flavio Archilli

1301.0279 (Sneha Malde et al.)

Measurements of the CKM angle gamma using B^+ --> D K^+ decays at LHCb    [PDF]

Sneha Malde, for the LHCb Collaboration

1301.0283 (Jussara M. de Miranda et al.)

Direct CP Violation in Charmless B Decays at LHCb    [PDF]

Jussara M. de Miranda, for the LHCb Collaboration

1301.0284 (Sevda Esen et al.)

DeltaGamma_s Measurement at the Upsilon(5S) from Belle    [PDF]

Sevda Esen, for the Belle Collaboration

1301.0309 (Chien-Yi Chen et al.)

Exploring Two Higgs Doublet Models Through Higgs Production    [PDF]

Chien-Yi Chen, S. Dawson

1301.0334 (Stefano Argirò)

Bottom Production, Spectroscopy and Lifetimes    [PDF]

Stefano Argirò

1301.0335 (Jack L. Ritchie et al.)

ORKA: A Precision Measurement of K+ -> pi+ nu nubar at Fermilab    [PDF]

Jack L. Ritchie, for the ORKA Collaboration

1301.0345 (Michael Spannowsky et al.)

Making The Most Of MET: Mass Reconstruction From Collimated Decays    [PDF]

Michael Spannowsky, Chris Wymant

1301.0398 (S. M. Troshin)

Energy evolution of the large-t elastic scattering and its correlation
with multiparticle production

S. M. Troshin

1301.0406 (Frédéric Dupertuis et al.)

Prospects for time-dependent asymmetries at LHCb    [PDF]

Frédéric Dupertuis, for the LHCb Collaboration

1301.0417 (Martino Margoni et al.)

|q/p| Measurement from B0->D*l nu Partial Reconstruction    [PDF]

Martino Margoni, for the BaBar Collaboration

1301.0434 (P. Vanhoefer)

Results for φ_1 and φ_2 from Belle    [PDF]

P. Vanhoefer

1301.0468 (Michael Joseph Morello)

TeVatron Direct CP Violation Results    [PDF]

Michael Joseph Morello

1301.0504 (T. P. Gorringe)

MuLan Measurement of the Positive Muon Lifetime and Determination of the
Fermi Constant

T. P. Gorringe

1301.0507 (Ruben Conceição et al.)

The interplay between the electromagnetic and the muonic longitudinal
profile at production

Ruben Conceição, Sofia Andringa, Lorenzo Cazon, Mário Pimenta

1301.0515 (Serhiy Senyukov et al.)

Charged particle detection performances of CMOS pixel sensors produced
in a 0.18 um process with a high resistivity epitaxial layer

Serhiy Senyukov, Jerome Baudot, Auguste Besson, Gilles Claus, Loic Cousin, Andrei Dorokhov, Wojciech Dulinski, Mathieu Goffe, Christine Hu-Guo, Marc Winter