Thursday, February 21, 2013

1302.4743 (Simon Gritschacher et al.)

Secondary Heavy Quark Production in Jets through Mass Modes    [PDF]

Simon Gritschacher, Andre H. Hoang, Ilaria Jemos, Piotr Pietrulewicz

1302.4794 (CMS Collaboration)

Search for narrow resonances using the dijet mass spectrum in pp
collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV

CMS Collaboration

1302.4908 (K. Abe)

Measurement of the Inclusive NuMu Charged Current Cross Section on
Carbon in the Near Detector of the T2K Experiment

K. Abe

1302.5031 (Hai-Rong Dong et al.)

Some recent progress in understanding exclusive double charmonium
production at $B$ factories

Hai-Rong Dong, Feng Feng, Yu Jia

1302.5045 (Jacques Soffer)

Do we understand elastic scattering up to LHC energies?    [PDF]

Jacques Soffer

1302.5058 (ZEUS Collaboration)

Measurement of D^\pm production in deep inelastic ep scattering with the
ZEUS detector at HERA

ZEUS Collaboration