Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1109.3551 (Debtosh Chowdhury et al.)

SUSEFLAV: program for supersymmetric mass spectra with seesaw mechanism
and rare lepton flavor violating decays

Debtosh Chowdhury, Raghuveer Garani, Sudhir K Vempati

1206.4062 (Hooman Davoudiasl et al.)

The Radion as a Harbinger of Deca-TeV Physics    [PDF]

Hooman Davoudiasl, Thomas McElmurry, Amarjit Soni

1206.4068 (P. J. Laycock et al.)

The H1 Forward Track Detector at HERA II    [PDF]

P. J. Laycock, R. C. W. Henderson, S. J. Maxfield, J. V. Morris, G. D. Patel, D. P. C. Sankey

1206.4071 (CMS Collaboration)

Performance of CMS muon reconstruction in pp collision events at sqrt(s)
= 7 TeV

CMS Collaboration

1206.4131 (Pierre Darriulat)

Large-transverse-momentum processes: the ISR as a gluon collider    [PDF]

Pierre Darriulat

1206.4133 (D. de Florian et al.)

Higgs production at the LHC: updated cross sections at $\sqrt{s}=8$ TeV    [PDF]

D. de Florian, M. Grazzini

1206.4142 (A. V. Derbin et al.)

Search for solar axions produced by Compton process and bremsstrahlung
using axioelectric effect

A. V. Derbin, I. S. Drachnev, A. S. Kayunov, V. N. Muratova

1206.4193 (N. M. Agababyan et al.)

Study of the delta^{++}(1232) inclusive neutrinoproduction on protons
and neutrons

N. M. Agababyan, N. Grigoryan, H. Gulkanyan, A. A. Ivanilov, V. A. Korotkov

1206.4198 (Giorgio Torrieri)

Resonances and fluctuations in the statistical model    [PDF]

Giorgio Torrieri

1206.4201 (Dean Carmi et al.)

Interpreting the Higgs    [PDF]

Dean Carmi, Adam Falkowski, Eric Kuflik, Tomer Volansky

1206.4294 (A. Longhin)

Optimization of neutrino beams for underground sites in Europe    [PDF]

A. Longhin