Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1002.1134 (Anirban Kundu et al.)

Probing CPT Violation in B Systems    [PDF]

Anirban Kundu, Soumitra Nandi, Sunando Kumar Patra

1305.1313 (Graham D. Kribs et al.)

Natural Supersymmetry and Implications for Higgs physics    [PDF]

Graham D. Kribs, Adam Martin, Arjun Menon

1305.1384 (L. L. Jiang)

Results on D+-->lv and Ds+-->lv decays at Charm factory    [PDF]

L. L. Jiang

1305.1392 (A. Tang et al.)

Effects of the Detection Efficiency on Multiplicity Distributions    [PDF]

A. Tang, G. Wang

1305.1467 (ALICE Collaboration)

Charmonium and e+e- pair photoproduction at mid-rapidity in
ultra-peripheral Pb-Pb collisions at sqrt(sNN) = 2.76 TeV

ALICE Collaboration

1305.1471 (L. Gao et al.)

Attenuation length measurements of liquid scintillator with LabVIEW and
reliability evaluation of the device

L. Gao, BX. Yu, YY. Ding, L. Zhou, LJ. Wen, YG. Xie, ZG. Wang, X. Cai, XL. Sun, J. Fang, Z. Xue, AW. Zhang, QW. LÜ, LJ. Sun, YS. Ge, YB. Liu, SL. Niu, T. Hu, J. Cao, JG. LÜ

1305.1530 (Kyle J. Knoepfel)

Standard Model Higgs Boson Searches at the Tevatron    [PDF]

Kyle J. Knoepfel

1305.1562 (ALICE Collaboration)

Mid-rapidity anti-baryon to baryon ratios in pp collisions at sqrt(s) =
0.9, 2.76 and 7 TeV measured by ALICE

ALICE Collaboration

1305.1575 (M. Margoni et al.)

Search for CP Violation in B0B0bar Mixing using Partial Reconstruction
of B0-->D*-Xl+ nu and a Kaon Tag

M. Margoni, F. Simonetto, others. The BABAR Collaboration

1305.1605 (Daniel Bauer et al.)

Dark Matter in the Coming Decade: Complementary Paths to Discovery and

Daniel Bauer, James Buckley, Matthew Cahill-Rowley, Randel Cotta, Alex Drlica-Wagner, Jonathan Feng, Stefan Funk, JoAnne Hewett, Dan Hooper, Ahmed Ismail, Manoj Kaplinghat, Alexander Kusenko, Konstantin Matchev, Daniel McKinsey, Tom Rizzo, William Shepherd, Tim M. P. Tait, Alexander M. Wijangco, Matthew Wood