Monday, October 8, 2012

1210.1477 (Boris Blok et al.)

Hard four-jet production in pA collisions    [PDF]

Boris Blok, Mark Strikman, Urs Achim Wiedemann

1210.1596 (Kamal K. Seth et al.)

High Precision Measurements of the Form Factors of Pion, Kaon, and
Proton at Large Timelike Momentum Transfers

Kamal K. Seth, S. Dobbs, Z. Metreveli, A. Tomaradze, T. Xiao, G. Bonvicini

1210.1679 (Vasiliki A. Mitsou et al.)

Highlights from SUSY searches with ATLAS    [PDF]

Vasiliki A. Mitsou, for the ATLAS Collaboration

1210.1696 (Massimo Venaruzzo et al.)

Resonance results in 7 TeV pp collisions with the ALICE detector at the

Massimo Venaruzzo, for the ALICE Collaboration

1210.1702 (Y. Okumura et al.)

A fundamental theory for the range fluctuations of $10^{12}$eV to
$10^{18}$eV muons in water based on Time Sequential Procedure

Y. Okumura, N. Takahashi, A. Misaki

1210.1718 (ATLAS Collaboration)

ATLAS search for new phenomena in dijet mass and angular distributions
using pp collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV

ATLAS Collaboration

1210.1756 (Fernando Palombo)

Searches for New Physics in CP Violation from BaBar    [PDF]

Fernando Palombo

1210.1758 (M. Zielinski et al.)

Test of charge conjugation invariance in the decay of the eta meson into

M. Zielinski, P. Moskal

1210.1778 (G. J. Feldman et al.)

A Review of Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments    [PDF]

G. J. Feldman, J. Hartnell, T. Kobayashi

1210.1797 (CMS Collaboration)

Search for heavy lepton partners of neutrinos in proton-proton
collisions in the context of the type III seesaw mechanism

CMS Collaboration

1210.1819 (S. Colafranceschi et al.)

A study of gas contaminants and interaction with materials in RPC closed
loop systems

S. Colafranceschi, R. Aurilio, L. Benussi, S. Bianco, L. Passamonti, D. Piccolo, D. Pierluigi, A. Russo, M. Ferrini, T. Greci, G. Saviano, C. Vendittozzi, M. Abbrescia, C. Calabria, A. Colaleo, G. Iaselli, M. Maggi, S. Nuzzo, G. Pugliese, P. Verwilligen, A. Sharma