Monday, August 20, 2012

1208.3477 (CMS Collaboration)

Study of the dijet mass spectrum in pp to W + jets events at sqrt(s)=7

CMS Collaboration

1208.3593 (Francesco Renga)

Searches for Lepton Flavor Violation and Lepton Number Violation in
Charged Lepton Decays

Francesco Renga

1208.3614 (A. Galoyan et al.)

Simulation of Light Antinucleus-Nucleus Interactions    [PDF]

A. Galoyan, V. Uzhinsky

1208.3628 (Erica Caden et al.)

Studying Neutrino Directionality with Double Chooz    [PDF]

Erica Caden, for the Double Chooz collaboration

1208.3644 (Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla et al.)

Potential of optimized NOvA for large theta(13) & combined performance
with a LArTPC & T2K

Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Suprabh Prakash, Sushant K. Raut, S. Uma Sankar

1208.3654 (C. Garcia Cely et al.)

Higgs Decays in the Low Scale Type I See-Saw Model    [PDF]

C. Garcia Cely, A. Ibarra, E. Molinaro, S. T. Petcov