Friday, February 8, 2013

1302.1102 (Antonio Palazzo)

Phenomenology of light sterile neutrinos: a brief review    [PDF]

Antonio Palazzo

1302.1586 (Shi-Hao Wang et al.)

Feasibility of Determining Diffuse Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Neutrino
Flavor Ratio through ARA Neutrino Observatory

Shi-Hao Wang, Pisin Chen, Melin Huang, Jiwoo Nam

1302.1745 (Gang Li et al.)

Further understanding of the non-$D\bar D$ decays of $ψ(3770)$    [PDF]

Gang Li, Xiao-hai Liu, Qian Wang, Qiang Zhao

1302.1764 (CMS Collaboration)

Searches for Higgs bosons in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 and 8 TeV in
the context of four-generation and fermiophobic models

CMS Collaboration

1302.1766 (A. Besse et al.)

Saturation effects in exclusive rhoT, rhoL meson electroproduction    [PDF]

A. Besse, L. Szymanowski, S. Wallon

1302.1773 (Giorgio Chiarelli)

Single Top Physics at Hadron Colliders    [PDF]

Giorgio Chiarelli

1302.1863 (Pran Nath)

Perspectives on Higgs Boson and Supersymmetry    [PDF]

Pran Nath