Monday, January 28, 2013

1301.6002 (Mirco Cannoni et al.)

Neutrino textures and charged lepton flavour violation in light of
theta13, MEG and LHC data

Mirco Cannoni, John Ellis, Mario E. Gomez, Smaragda Lola

1301.6040 (Marcin Berlowski)

Search for η-->e+e- decay with the WASA experiment    [PDF]

Marcin Berlowski

1301.6065 (Aleph et al.)

Search for Charged Higgs bosons: Combined Results Using LEP Data    [PDF]

Aleph, Delphi, L3, OPAL Collaborations, the LEP working group for Higgs boson searches

1301.6113 (A. Blondel et al.)

Research Proposal for an Experiment to Search for the Decay μ -> eee    [PDF]

A. Blondel, A. Bravar, M. Pohl, S. Bachmann, N. Berger, M. Kiehn, A. Schöning, D. Wiedner, B. Windelband, P. Eckert, H. -C. Schultz-Coulon, W. Shen, P. Fischer, I. Perić, M. Hildebrandt, P. -R. Kettle, A. Papa, S. Ritt, A. Stoykov, G. Dissertori, C. Grab, R. Wallny, R. Gredig, P. Robmann, U. Straumann

1301.6122 (D0 Collaboration)

Search for the standard model Higgs boson in $\bm{\ellν}$+jets final
states in 9.7~fb$\bm{^{-1}}$ of $\bm{p\bar{p}}$ collisions with the D0

D0 Collaboration