Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1103.4757 (Avraham Gal et al.)

Coupled channel Faddeev calculations of a (Kbar-N-pi) quasibound state    [PDF]

Avraham Gal, Humberto Garcilazo

1106.0167 (C. Isaila et al.)

Low-Temperature Light Detectors: Neganov-Luke Amplification and

C. Isaila, C. Ciemniak, F. v. Feilitzsch, A. Gütlein, J. Kemmer, T. Lachenmaier, J. -C. Lanfranchi, S. Pfister, W. Potzel, S. Roth, M. v. Sivers, R. Strauss, W. Westphal, F. Wiest

1209.3386 (Giulia Ricciardi)

Semileptonic D decays up to speed    [PDF]

Giulia Ricciardi

1209.3402 (S. X. Nakamura et al.)

Extraction of Meson Resonances from Three-pions Photo-production

S. X. Nakamura, H. Kamano, T. -S. H. Lee, T. Sato

1209.3426 (Matthew Moulson)

Testing the Standard Model with Kaon Decays    [PDF]

Matthew Moulson

1209.3440 (P. Eerola et al.)

Rare B0_(s) -> mu+mu- decays    [PDF]

P. Eerola, for the ATLAS, CDF, CMS, D0, LHCb collaborations

1209.3480 (D. V. Bugg)

An alternative interpretation of Belle data on γ-γ->

D. V. Bugg

1209.3481 (D. V. Bugg)

Comments on `Systematics of radial and angular-momentum Regge
trajectories of light non-strange $q\bar q$ states', Masjuan, Arriola and
Broniowski [arXiv:1203.4782,arXiv:1208.4477]

D. V. Bugg

1209.3489 (CMS Collaboration)

Evidence for associated production of a single top quark and W boson in
pp collisions at 7 TeV

CMS Collaboration

1209.3522 (Benjamin Nachman et al.)

Evidence for Excessive Conservatism in LHC SUSY Searches    [PDF]

Benjamin Nachman, Tom Rudelius

1209.3553 (Antonio Ortiz Velasquez et al.)

Identified particle pT spectra and particle contents in pp collisions
measured with ALICE at the LHC

Antonio Ortiz Velasquez, for the ALICE Collaboration

1209.3631 (Ilidio Lopes et al.)

Solar constraints on asymmetric dark matter    [PDF]

Ilidio Lopes, Joseph Silk

1209.3647 (F. Ronchetti et al.)

The ALICE electromagnetic calorimeter high level triggers    [PDF]

F. Ronchetti, F. Blanco, M. Figueredo, A. G. Knospe, L. Xaplanteris for the ALICE HLT Collaboration

1209.3715 (ALICE Collaboration)

Coherent J/Psi photoproduction in ultra-peripheral Pb-Pb collisions at
\sqrt{s_NN} = 2.76 TeV

ALICE Collaboration

1209.3716 (M. B. Voloshin)

Pion transitions from χ_{cJ} to η_c    [PDF]

M. B. Voloshin

1209.3743 (W. C. Haxton)

Neutrino Astrophysics    [PDF]

W. C. Haxton