Monday, September 10, 2012

1201.5172 (D0 Collaboration)

Measurement of the top quark mass in $\boldsymbol{\ppbar}$ collisions
using events with two leptons

D0 Collaboration

1209.1413 (Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya et al.)

Reducing Penguin Pollution    [PDF]

Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya, Alakabha Datta, David London

1209.1464 (K. Tsushima et al.)

Production of $Ξ^-$-hypernuclei via the ($K^-,K^+$) reaction in a
quark-meson coupling model

K. Tsushima, R. Shyam, A. W. Thomas

1209.1475 (George Rupp et al.)

Meson spectroscopy: too much excitement and too few excitations    [PDF]

George Rupp, Susana Coito, Eef van Beveren

1209.1489 (Andreas Papaefstathiou et al.)

Higgs boson pair production at the LHC in the $b \bar{b} W^+ W^-$

Andreas Papaefstathiou, Li Lin Yang, José Zurita

1209.1522 (Naoyuki Haba et al.)

Stability of Leptonic Self-complementarity    [PDF]

Naoyuki Haba, Kunio Kaneta, Ryo Takahashi

1209.1525 (Joaquim Matias)

On the S-wave pollution of B-> K* l+l- observables    [PDF]

Joaquim Matias

1209.1586 (CDF Collaboration et al.)

Searches for the Higgs boson at the Tevatron    [PDF]

CDF Collaboration, D0 Collaboration

1209.1591 (Gianluca Inguglia)

Charm Mesons at the SuperB Experiment: Rare Decays, Mixing and CP
Violation Potential

Gianluca Inguglia