Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1212.4166 (Y. G. Aditya et al.)

Faking $B_s \to μ^+μ^-$    [PDF]

Y. G. Aditya, K. J. Healey, Alexey A. Petrov

1212.4167 (Louis Lello et al.)

Charged lepton mixing via heavy sterile neutrinos    [PDF]

Louis Lello, Daniel Boyanovsky

1212.4180 (Steven Blusk et al.)

Measurement of the CP observables in $\bstodsk$ and first observation of
$\bar{B}^0_{(s)}\to Ds^+K^-π^+π^-$ and $\bar{B}_s^0\to

Steven Blusk, for the LHCb Collaboration

1212.4191 (A. Tomaradze et al.)

Is the Exotic Hadron X(3872) a D0 D*0 Molecule: Precision Determination
of the Binding Energy of X(3872)

A. Tomaradze, S. Dobbs, T. Xiao, Kamal K. Seth, G. Bonvicini

1212.4197 (E. W. Varnes)

Higgs Boson Searches at the Tevatron, PIC 2012    [PDF]

E. W. Varnes

1212.4204 (CDF Collaboration)

Measurement of the cross section for prompt isolated diphoton production
using the full CDF Run II data sample

CDF Collaboration

1212.4236 (Muhammad Alhroob et al.)

Search for New Physics in Single Top Channel at the LHC    [PDF]

Muhammad Alhroob, for the ATLAS, the CMS Collaborations

1212.4322 (Zafar Usubov)

Electromagnetic calorimeter simulation for future $μ\to e$ conversion

Zafar Usubov

1212.4356 (Paolo Bolzoni et al.)

Inclusive lepton production from heavy-hadron decay in pp collisions at
the LHC

Paolo Bolzoni, Gustav Kramer

1212.4397 (Julian Wishahi)

Measurements of $Δm_d$, $Δm_s$, and $\sin 2 β$ with LHCb    [PDF]

Julian Wishahi

1212.4408 (J. T. Daub et al.)

Improving the Hadron Physics of Non-Standard-Model Decays: Example
Bounds on R-parity Violation

J. T. Daub, H. K. Dreiner, C. Hanhart, B. Kubis, U. -G. Meißner

1212.4436 (Catherine Bernaciak et al.)

Fox-Wolfram Moments in Higgs Physics    [PDF]

Catherine Bernaciak, Malte Sean Andreas Buschmann, Anja Butter, Tilman Plehn