Thursday, November 29, 2012

1211.3922 (G. M. Shore)

Polarized Structure Functions and Two-Photon Physics at Super-B    [PDF]

G. M. Shore

1211.5824 (T. Mizutani et al.)

Faddeev-Chiral Unitary Approach to the $K^- d$ scattering length    [PDF]

T. Mizutani, C. Fayard, B. Saghai, K. Tsushima

1211.6453 (Tobias Hurth et al.)

New physics search with flavour in the LHC era    [PDF]

Tobias Hurth, Farvah Mahmoudi

1211.6523 (H. Yan et al.)

A New Limit on Possible Long-Range Parity-odd Interactions of the
Neutron from Neutron Spin Rotation in Liquid $^{4}He$

H. Yan, W. M. Snow

1211.6565 (Valentina Santoro et al.)

Charmonium-like States at BaBar    [PDF]

Valentina Santoro, for the BaBar Collaboration

1211.6592 (Vandiver Chaplin et al.)

Analytical modeling of pulse-pileup distortion using the true pulse
shape, with applications to Fermi-GBM

Vandiver Chaplin, Narayana Bhat, Michael Briggs, Valerie Connaughton

1211.6620 (Nicolas Arbor)

Isolated photon-hadron correlations in proton-proton collisions at
{\sqrt(s)} = 7 TeV with the ALICE experiment

Nicolas Arbor

1211.6714 (Boris Hippolyte et al.)

Global variables and correlations: Summary of the results presented at
the Quark Matter 2012 conference

Boris Hippolyte, Dirk Rischke