Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0705 (Futian Liang et al.)

Active inductor shunt peaking in high-speed VCSEL driver design    [PDF]

Futian Liang, Datao Gong, Suen Hou, Chonghan Liu, Tiankuan Liu, Da-Shung Su, Ping-Kun Teng, Annie Xiang, Jingbo Ye, Ge Jin
An all transistor active inductor shunt peaking structure has been used in a prototype of 8-Gbps high-speed VCSEL driver which is designed for the optical link in ATLAS liquid Argon calorimeter upgrade. The VCSEL driver is fabricated in a commercial 0.25-um Silicon-on-Sapphire (SoS) CMOS process for radiation tolerant purpose. The all transistor active inductor shunt peaking is used to overcome the bandwidth limitation from the CMOS process. The peaking structure has the same peaking effect as the passive one, but takes a small area, does not need linear resistors and can overcome the process variation by adjust the peaking strength via an external control. The design has been tapped out, and the prototype has been proofed by the preliminary electrical test results and bit error ratio test results. The driver achieves 8-Gbps data rate as simulated with the peaking. We present the all transistor active inductor shunt peaking structure, simulation and test results in this paper.
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