Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0443 (P. Pugnat et al.)

Results and Perspectives for Laboratory Search of Weakly Interacting
Sub-eV Particles with the OSQAR Experiment

P. Pugnat, R. Ballou, M. Schott, T. Husek, M. Sulc, G. Deferne, L. Duvillaret, M. Finger Jr., M. Finger, L. Flekova, J. Hosek, V. Jary, R. Jost, M. Kral, S. Kunc, K. Macuchova, K. A. Meissner, J. Morville, D. Romanini, A. Siemko, M. Slunecka, G. Vitrant, J. Zicha
Recent intensive theoretical and experimental studies highlight the possibility of new fundamental particle physics beyond the standard model that can be probed by sub-eV energy experiments. The OSQAR photon regeneration experiment looks for Light Shining through a Wall (LSW) from the quantum oscillation of optical photons into Weakly Interacting Sub-eV Particles (WISPs), like axion or axion-like particles (ALPs), in a 9 T transverse magnetic field over the unprecedented length of 2 x 14.3 m. No excess of events has been detected over the background. The di-photon couplings of possible new light scalar and pseudo-scalar particles can be constrained in the massless limit to be less than 8.0 x 10-8 GeV-1. These results are very close to the most stringent laboratory constraints obtained for the coupling of WISPs to two photons. Plans for further improving the sensitivity of the OSQAR experiment are presented.
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