Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6154 (Z. Ahmed et al.)

A prototype low-background multiwire proportional chamber for measuring
alphas and low-energy betas

Z. Ahmed, M. A. Bowles, R. Bunker, S. R. Golwala, D. R. Grant, M. Kos, R. H. Nelson, A. Rider, R. W. Schnee, D. Sotolongo, B. Wang, A. Zahn
A prototype low-background multiwire proportional chamber (MWPC) was developed to demonstrate the feasibility of constructing a radiopure MWPC to assay materials for alpha- and beta-emitting surface contaminants for future rare-event-search experiments, as well as other scientific fields. We discuss the design features and assembly techniques used to achieve the energy and position resolution for for efficient rejection of both intrinsic and external backgrounds. Results from a test setup using a 5.89\,keV x-ray source indicate excellent operational stability and a near-ideal energy resolution of 15.8% FWHM. This detector technology promises significant advances in both alpha and low-energy (<200 keV) beta screening.
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