Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5918 (P. Adamson et al.)

CHerenkov detectors In mine PitS (CHIPS) Letter of Intent to FNAL    [PDF]

P. Adamson, J. A. B. Coelho, G. S. Davies, J. J. Evans, P. Guzowski, A. Habig, J. Hartnell, A. Holin, J. Huang, A. Kreymer, M. Kordosky, K. Lang, M. L. Marshak, R. Mehdiyev, J. Meier, W. Miller, D. Naples, J. K. Nelson, R. J. Nichol, R. B. Patterson, A. Perch, M. Pfutzner, M. Proga, A. Radovic, M. C. Sanchez, S. Schreiner, S. Soldner-Rembold, A. Sousa, J. Thomas, P. Vahle, C. Wendt, L. H. Whitehead, S. Wojcicki
This Letter of Intent outlines a proposal to build a large, yet cost-effective, 100 kton fiducial mass water Cherenkov detector that will initially run in the NuMI beam line. The CHIPS detector (CHerenkov detector In Mine PitS) will be deployed in a flooded mine pit, removing the necessity and expense of a substantial external structure capable of supporting a large detector mass. There are a number of mine pits in northern Minnesota along the NuMI beam that could be used to deploy such a detector. In particular, the Wentworth Pit 2W is at the ideal off-axis angle to contribute to the measurement of the CP violating phase. The detector is designed so that it can be moved to a mine pit in the LBNE beam line once that becomes operational.
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