Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6114 (Martino Margoni)

Semileptonic Mixing Asymmetry Measurements of Adsl and Assl    [PDF]

Martino Margoni
Standard Model predictions of the CP violation in the mixing of B0d and B0s mesons are beyond the present experimental sensitivity, any observation would be therefore a hint of new physics. The D0 collaboration measures a value of the semileptonic mixing asymmetry for a mixture of B0d and B0s mesons, AbSL, which misses the Standard Model expectation by 3.9 standard deviations. The world averages of the flavor specific measurements of the semileptonic asymmetries for B0d and B0s mesons, AdSL and AsSL, are instead in agreement with the Standard Model. The combination of the various AqSL (q=d, s) measurements and the recent LHCb results on B0s -> J/psi phi have placed tight bounds on the hypothesis of new physics which can explain the D0 result.
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