Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1307.5635 (C. Rödel et al.)

Relativistic Frequency Synthesis of Light Fields    [PDF]

C. Rödel, E. Eckner, J. Bierbach, M. Yeung, B. Dromey, T. Hahn, S. Fuchs, A. Galestian Pour, M. Wünsche, S. Kuschel, D. Hemmers, O. Jäckel, G. Pretzler, M. Zepf, G. G. Paulus
Waveform shaping and frequency synthesis based on waveform modulation is ubiquitous in electronics, telecommunication technology, and optics. For the latter, the carrier frequency is on the order of several hundred THz, while the modulation frequencies used for conventional devices like electro-or acousto-optical modulators are orders of magnitude lower. As a consequence, any new frequencies generated are typically very close to the fundamental. To synthesize new frequencies in the extreme ultraviolet would require modulation frequencies in the optical regime or even in the extreme ultraviolet - something that has not proved possible to date. Here we demonstrate that individual strong harmonics can indeed be generated by reflecting light off a plasma surface which oscillates at extreme ultraviolet frequencies. The amplification of the harmonics is explained by a nonlinear frequency mixing mediated by a relativistic nonlinearity and provides a basis for a novel frequency synthesis in the extreme ultraviolet utilizing relativistic nonlinear optics.
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