Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1307.5495 (Nural Akchurin et al.)

Another Detector for the International Linear Collider    [PDF]

Nural Akchurin, Sehwook Lee, Richard Wigmans, Hanna Arnold, Aaron Bazal, Robert Basili, John Hauptman, Tim Overton, Andrew Priest, Bingzhe Zhao, Alexander Mikhailichenko, Michele Cascella, Franco Grancagnolo, Giovanni Tassielli, Franco Bedeschi, Fabrizio Scuri, Sung Keun Park, Fedor Ignatov, Gabriella Gaudio, Michele Livan
We describe another detectora designed for the International Linear Collider based on several tested instrumentation innovations in order to achieve the necessary experi- mental goal of a detecter that is 2-to-10 times better than the already excellent SLC and LEP detectors, in particular, (1) dual-readout calorimeter system based on the RD52/DREAM measurements at CERN, (2) a cluster-counting drift chamber based on the successful kloe chamber at Frascati, and (3) a second solenoid to return the magnetic flux without iron. A high-performance pixel vertex chamber is presently un- defined. We discuss particle identification, momentum and energy resolutions, and the machine-detector interface that together offer the possibility of a very high-performance detector for $e^+e^-$physics up to $\sqrt{s} = 1$ TeV.
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