Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1307.5538 (N. Akchurin et al.)

Dual-readout Calorimetry    [PDF]

N. Akchurin, F. Bedeschi, A. Cardini, M. Cascella, F. Cei, D. De Pedis, R. Ferrari, S. Fracchia, S. Franchino, M. Fraternali, G. Gaudio, P. Genova, J. Hauptman, L. La Rotonda, S. Lee, M. Livan, E. Meoni, A. Moggi, D. Pinci, A. Policicchio, J. G. Saraiva, F. Scuri, A. Sill, T. Venturelli, R. Wigmans
The RD52 Project at CERN is a pure instrumentation experiment whose goal is to un- derstand the fundamental limitations to hadronic energy resolution, and other aspects of energy measurement, in high energy calorimeters. We have found that dual-readout calorimetry provides heretofore unprecedented information event-by-event for energy resolution, linearity of response, ease and robustness of calibration, fidelity of data, and particle identification, including energy lost to binding energy in nuclear break-up. We believe that hadronic energy resolutions of {\sigma}/E $\approx$ 1 - 2% are within reach for dual-readout calorimeters, enabling for the first time comparable measurement preci- sions on electrons, photons, muons, and quarks (jets). We briefly describe our current progress and near-term future plans. Complete information on all aspects of our work is available at the RD52 website http://highenergy.phys.ttu.edu/dream/.
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