Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.6014 (I. I. Bigi)

3- and 4-Body Final States in B, D and tau Decays about Features of New
Dynamics with CPT Invariance or "Achaeans outside Troy"

I. I. Bigi
The 'landscape' of fundamental dynamics has changed even for the 'known' matter. The Standard Model has produced at least the leading source of CP violation (CPV) in B decays; the data have not shown CP asymmetries in $D$ transitions. It needs more data and better technologies to understand the underlying forces. Probing three- and four-body final states in $B$ & $D$ & $\tau$ decays with better accuracy is crucial about the existence and the features of New Dynamics. Theoretical tools produced about MEP will show even more about HEP in the future. We have to work on the {\em correlations} between different final states on several CKM levels and the connection between known matter and Dark Matter in indirect ways. CPT invariance is usable in $D$ and $\tau$ decays.
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