Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5841 (Jinmian Li et al.)

Towards the fate of natural composite Higgs model through single
$t^\prime$ search at the 8 TeV LHC

Jinmian Li, Da Liu, Jing Shu
We analyze the observational potential of single $t'$ production in both the $t^\prime \rightarrow bW$ and $t^\prime \rightarrow th$ decay channels at 8 TeV LHC using an integrated luminosity of 25 $\text{fb}^{-1}$. Our analysis is based on a simplified model with minimal coset $SO(5)/SO(4)$ in which the $t'$ is a singlet of the unbroken SO(4). The single $t'$ production, as a consequence of electroweak symmetry breaking, is less kinematically suppressed, associated with a light forward jet and has boosted decay products at the 8 TeV LHC. Therefore it provides the most promising channel in searching for a heavy $t'$. We have exploited the above kinematical features and used the jet substructure method to reconstruct the boosted Higgs in $th$ decay channel. It is shown that a strong constraint on the $t^\prime bW$ coupling ($g_{t^\prime bW}/g_{tbW,SM} < 0.2 \sim 0.3$) at the 95% C. L. can be obtained for $m_{t'} \subset (700, 1000)$ GeV.
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