Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5387 (Zenro Hioki et al.)

Latest constraint on non-standard top-gluon couplings at hadron
colliders and its future prospect

Zenro Hioki, Kazumasa Ohkuma
Constraints on the non-standard top-gluon couplings composed of the chromomagnetic- and chromoelectric-dipole moments of the top quark are updated by combining the latest data of top-pair productions from the Tevatron, 7-TeV LHC, and 8-TeV LHC. We find that adding the recent 8-TeV data to the analysis is effective to get a stronger constraint on the chromoelectric-dipole moment than the one from the Tevatron and 7-TeV LHC alone. We also discuss how those constraints on the non-standard couplings could be further improved when 14-TeV LHC results become available in the near future.
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