Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1306.5402 (A. V. Kisselev)

Randall-Sundrum model with a small curvature and dielectron production
at the LHC

A. V. Kisselev
The Randall-Sundrum-like scenario with the small curvature $\kappa$ (RSSC model) is studied in details in comparison wtih the original RS1 model. In the framework of this model, the $p_{\perp}$-distributions for the dielectron production at the LHC are calculated. The important feature of calculations is the account of the widths of massive graviton excitations. It is shown that for the summary statistics taken at 7 TeV ($L = 5 \ \mathrm{fb}^{-1}$) and 8 TeV ($L = 20 \ \mathrm{fb}^{-1}$), the LHC discovery limit on 5-dimensional gravity scale $M_5$ is equal to 6.35 TeV. For $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV and integrated luminosity 30 fb$^{-1}$, the LHC search limit is found to be 8.95 TeV. In the RSSC model, these bounds on $M_5$ are independent of $\kappa$ (up to power-like corrections), provided $\kappa \ll M_5$.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1306.5402

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