Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1306.5327 (A. Bross et al.)

A Toroidal Magnetised Iron Neutrino Detector (MIND) for a Neutrino

A. Bross, R. Wands, R. Bayes, A. Laing, F. J. P. Soler, A. Cervera Villanueva, T. Ghosh, J. J. Gómez Cadenas, P. Hernández, J. Martín-Albo, J. Burguet-Castell
A neutrino factory has unparalleled physics reach for the discovery and measurement of CP violation in the neutrino sector. A far detector for a neutrino factory must have good charge identification with excellent background rejection and a large mass. An elegant solution is to construct a magnetized iron neutrino detector (MIND) along the lines of MINOS, where iron plates provide a toroidal magnetic field and scintillator planes provide 3D space points. In this report, the current status of a simulation of a toroidal MIND for a neutrino factory is discussed in light of the recent measurements of large $\theta_{13}$. The response and performance using the 10 GeV neutrino factory configuration are presented. It is shown that this setup has equivalent $\delta_{CP}$ reach to a MIND with a dipole field and is sensitive to the discovery of CP violation over 85% of the values of $\delta_{CP}$.
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