Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3861 (O. Lalakulich et al.)

Pion production in the T2K experiment    [PDF]

O. Lalakulich, U. Mosel
Background: Pion production gives information on the axial form factors of nucleon resonances. It also introduces a noticeable background to quasi-elastic measurements on nuclear targets and thus has a significant impact on precision studies of neutrino oscillation parameters. Purpose: To clarify neutrino-induced pion production on nucleons and nuclei. Method: The Giessen Boltzmann--Uehling--Uhlenbeck (GiBUU) model is used for the description of neutrino-nucleus reactions. Results: Theoretical results for differential cross sections for the T2K neutrino flux at the ND280 detector and integrated cross sections as a function of neutrino energy are given. Two sets of pion production data on elementary targets are used as inputs to obtain limits for pion production in neutrino-nucleus reactions. Conclusions: Pion production in the T2K ND280 detector can help to narrow down the uncertainties in the elementary pion production cross sections. It can also give valuable information on the nucleon-Delta axial form factor.
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