Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3423 (H. Fujii et al.)

Performance of a Remotely Located Muon Radiography System to Identify
the Inner Structure of a Nuclear Plant

H. Fujii, K. Hara, S. Hashimoto, F. Ito, H. Kakuno, S. H. Kim, M. Kochiyama, K. Nagamine, A. Suzuki, Y. Takada, Y. Takahashi, F. Takasaki, S. Yamashita
The performance of a muon radiography system designed to image the inner structure of a nuclear plant located at a distance of 64 m was evaluated. We concluded absence of the fuel in the pressure vessel during the measurement period and succeeded in profiling the fuel material placed in the storage pool. The obtained data also demonstrated the sensitivity of the system to water level changes in the reactor well and the dryer-separator pool. It is expected that the system could reconstruct a 2 m cubic fuel object easily. By operating multiple systems, typically four identical systems, viewing the reactor from different directions simultaneously, detection of a 1 m cubic object should also be achievable within a few month period.
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