Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3718 (P. Mermod)

Magnetic monopoles at the LHC and in the Cosmos    [PDF]

P. Mermod
The magnetic monopole was postulated in 1931 by Dirac to explain electric charge quantisation. Searches for pair-produced monopoles are performed at accelerator facilities whenever a new energy regime is made available. In addition, monopoles with masses too high to be accessible at colliders would still have been produced in the early Universe and such relics can be searched for either in flight or trapped in matter. Here we discuss recent results and future prospects at the LHC and in bulk matter searches, with emphasis on the complementarity between the various techniques. Significant improvements of the results from the ATLAS experiment are expected with the development of new triggers. Dedicated LHC experiments will allow to probe wider ranges of monopole charges and masses: the MoEDAL experiment using both nuclear-track detectors and absorbing arrays, and searches for trapped monopoles in accelerator material. Finally, it is highlighted how the first search for monopoles trapped in polar volcanic rocks allows to set new constraints on the abundance of monopoles bound to matter in the Earth's interior and by extension in the primary material that formed the Solar System.
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