Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8170 (J. Reuter et al.)

Simplified Models for New Physics in Vector Boson Scattering - Input for
Snowmass 2013

J. Reuter, W. Kilian, M. Sekulla
In this contribution to the Snowmass process 2013 (which is a preliminary version of [1]) we give a brief review of how new physics could enter in the electroweak (EW) sector of the Standard Model (SM). This new physics, if it is directly accessible at low energies, can be parameterized by explicit resonances having certain quantum numbers. The extreme case is the decoupling limit where those resonances are very heavy and leave only traces in the form of deviations in the SM couplings. Translations are given into higher-dimensional operators leading to such deviations. As long as such resonances are introduced without a UV-complete theory behind it, these models suffer from unitarity violation of perturbative scattering amplitudes. We show explicitly how theoretically sane descriptions could be achieved by using a unitarization prescription that allows a correct description of such a resonance without specifying a UV-complete model.
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