Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8164 (I. Bediaga et al.)

CP violation and CPT invariance in B+- decays with final state

I. Bediaga, T. Frederico, O. Lourenço
We show that final state interactions together with CPT invariance can play an important role in the recent observation of CP violation in three-body charmless B decays. A significant part of the observed CP asymmetry distribution in the Dalitz plot is located in a region where hadronic channels are strongly coupled. We assume that this CP violation distribution is basically due to the interference of two CP-conserving hadron-hadron amplitudes separated by a CP-noninvariant weak phase. We illustrate our discussion comparing the recent observation of CP violation in the B+-\to K+-K+K- and B+-\to K+-{\pi}+{\pi}- phase space, with a calculation based on {\pi}{\pi}\to KK scattering.
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