Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7780 (Lei Wang et al.)

Dark matter in little Higgs model under current experimental constraints
from LHC, Planck and Xenon

Lei Wang, Jin Min Yang, Jingya Zhu
We examine the status of dark matter (heavy photon) in the littlest Higgs model with T-parity (LHT) in light of the new results from the LHC Higgs search, the Planck dark matter relic density and the XENON100 limit on the dark matter scattering off the nucleon. We obtain the following observations: (i) For the LHC Higgs data, the LHT can well be consistent with the CMS results but disfavored by the ATLAS observation of diphoton enhancement; (ii) For the dark matter relic density, the heavy photon in the LHT can account for the Planck data for the small mass splitting of mirror lepton and heavy photon; (iii) For the dark matter scattering off the nucleon, the heavy photon can give a spin-independent cross section below the XENON100 upper limit for $m_{A_H}>95$ GeV ($f> 665$ GeV); (iv) A fit using the CMS Higgs data gives the lowest chi-square of 2.63 (the SM value is 4.75) at $f\simeq$ 1120 GeV and $m_{A_H}\simeq$ 170 GeV (at this point the dark matter constraints from Planck and XENON100 can also be satisfied). Such a best point and its nearby favored region (even for a $f$ value up to 3.8 TeV) can be covered by the future XENON1T (2017) experiment.
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