Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7711 (Mu-Chun Chen et al.)

Large θ_13 in a SUSY SU(5)xT' Model    [PDF]

Mu-Chun Chen, Jinrui Huang, K. T. Mahanthappa, Alexander M. Wijangco
In the model based on SUSY SU(5) combined with the T' family symmetry, it is shown in Phys. Lett. B 652, 34 (2007) and Phys. Lett. B 681, 444 (2009) that fermion mass hierarchy and mixing angles can be naturally generated in both lepton and quark sectors compatible with various experimental measurements. But the predicted value for the non-zero lepton mixing angle of \theta_13 \simeq \theta_c/3\sqrt{2} contradicts the recent experimental results from Daya Bay and RENO. We propose to introduce one more singlet flavon field in the neutrino sector, and with its additional contribution, we are able to generate the large mixing angle \theta_13 ~ 8^{\circ}-10^{\circ}. The analytical expressions of the mixing angles and neutrino masses with the additional flavon field are derived. Our numerical results show that a large region in the model parameter space is allowed for the normal hierarchy case, while a much smaller region is allowed for the inverted hierarchy case. In addition, the predicted value of the solar mixing angle is not affected by the additional singlet contribution. On the other hand, there exists a correlation between \theta_13 value and \theta_23 - \pi/4, as a result of the additional singlet contribution. We also make predictions for various other variables that can be potentially tested in the future neutrino experiments such as the Dirac CP phase, which is predicted to be in the range of \delta ~ (195^{\circ}-200^{\circ}), and the neutrinoless double beta decay matrix element, . One numerical example with the minimal \chi^2 fit is presented, and the model predictions are consistent with all experimental results.
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