Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.4051 (Gino Isidori et al.)

Higgs form factors in Associated Production    [PDF]

Gino Isidori, Michael Trott
We further develop a form factor formalism characterizing anomalous interactions of the Higgs-like boson (h) to massive electroweak vector bosons (V) and generic bilinear fermion states (F). Employing this approach, we examine the sensitivity of pp -> F ->Vh associated production to physics beyond the Standard Model, and compare it to the corresponding sensitivity of h -> V F decays. We discuss how determining the Vh invariant-mass distribution in associated production at LHC is a key ingredient for model-independent determinations of h V F interactions. We also provide a general discussion about the power counting of the form factor's momentum dependence in a generic effective field theory approach, analyzing in particular how effective theories based on a linear and non-linear realization of the SU(2)_L x U(1)_Y gauge symmetry map into the form factor formalism. We point out how measurements of the differential spectra characterizing h -> V F decays and pp -> F -> Vh associated production could be the leading indication of the presence of a nonlinear realization of the SU(2)_L x U(1)_Y gauge symmetry.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.4051

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