Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3819 (Liu Renhong et al.)

The vibration research of the AC dipole-girder system for CSNS/RCS    [PDF]

Liu Renhong, Zhang Junsong, Qu Huamin, Kang Ling, Wang Motuo, Wang Guangyuan, Wang Haijing
China spallation neutron source(CSNS) is a high intensity proton accelerator based facility, and its accelerator complex includes two main parts: an H- linac and a rapid cycling synchrotron(RCS). The rcs accumulates the 80MeV proton beam, and accelerates it to 1.6GeV, with a repetition rate of 25 Hz. The AC dipole of the RCS is operated at a 25Hz sinusoidal alternating current which causes severe vibration. The vibration will influence the long-term safety and reliable operation of the magnet. The dipole magnet of RCS is active vibration equipment which is different with ground vibration accelerator. It is very important to design and research the dynamic characteristic of the dipole-girder system. This paper takes the dipole and girder as a specific model system, a method for researching the dynamic characteristic of the system is put forward by combining theoretical calculation with experimental testing. The ansys simulation method plays a very important role in the girder structure design stage. With the method the mechanical resonance phenomenon was avoided in the girder design time. At the same time the dipole vibratory force will influence the other equipment through the girder. It is necessary to isolate and decrease the dipole vibration. So a new isolator was designed to isolate the vibratory force and decrease the vibration amplitude of the magnet.
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