Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2694 (A. Jourjine)

Scalar Spin of Elementary Fermions    [PDF]

A. Jourjine
We show that, using the experimentally observed values of CKM and PMNS mixing matrices, all known elementary fermions can be assigned a new quantum number, the scalar spin, in a unique way. All Dirac neutrinos have scalar spin zero. Two of them are Dirac spinors while the third is anti-Dirac spinor. Electron has scalar spin zero and is a Dirac spinor. Mu and tau can be regarded as forming a scalar spin 1/2 Dirac-anti-Dirac doublet. They can be interpreted as two manifestations of a single mu-tau particle with scalar spin up and down states. All quarks form scalar spin 1/2 Dirac-anti-Dirac doublets. However, the heavier partner of half of the doublets can be made to decouple, resulting in three generations only. Up and down quarks are Dirac spinors with no heavy partners. Charm, top and strange, bottom quarks form charm-top and strange-bottom Dirac-anti-Dirac doublets.
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