Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2622 (Gang Li et al.)

Investigating possible decay modes of Y(4260) under the molecular state

Gang Li, Xiao-Hai Liu
By assuming that Y(4260) is a $D_1\bar D$ molecular state, we investigate some hidden-charm and charmed pair decay channels of Y(4260) via intermediate $D_1\bar D$ meson loops with an effective Lagrangian approach. Through investigating the $\alpha$-dependence of branching ratios and ratios between different decay channels, we show that the intermediate $D_1 \bar D$ meson loops are crucial for driving these transitions of Y(4260) studied here. The coupled channel effects turn out to be more important in Y(4260) \to D^{*}\bar{D}^{*}$, which can be tested in the future experiments.
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