Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1688 (Sukanta Dutta et al.)

Measuring anomalous $Wtb$ couplings at $e^-p$ collider    [PDF]

Sukanta Dutta, Ashok Goyal, Mukesh Kumar, Bruce Mellado
We study the physics potential of the proposed LHeC by estimating the accuracy with which it can measure the anomalous $Wtb$ couplings in the single anti-top quark production through $e^-p$ collision. We consider the generic lowest order CP conserving Lagrangian for the $Wtb$ interaction which allows a right-handed vector, as well as left- or right-handed tensor couplings. We examine the one dimensional distributions of the various kinematic observables and their asymmetries corresponding to all anomalous couplings in both hadronic and leptonic decay modes of $W^-$. We find that the 95$%$ C.L. exclusion contours on the two dimensional plane of anomalous couplings associated with the left- and right-handed vector and tensor currents are sensitive at an order of magnitude of $\sim 10^{-3} - 10^{-2}$ with 100 fb$^{-1}$ data. Further, adoption of the optimum observable method, results in an enhancement in the sensitivity of the left handed anomalous couplings by an order of magnitude and also provides their error correlations.
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