Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1579 (Chunfeng Ye et al.)

A new method of waveform digitization based on time-interleaved A/D

Chunfeng Ye, Lei Zhao, Changqing Feng, Shubin Liu, Qi An
Time interleaved analog-to-digital conversion (TIADC) based on parallelism is an effective way to meet the requirement of the ultra-fast waveform digitizer beyond Gsps. Different methods to correct the mismatch errors among different analog-to-digital conversion channels have been developed previously. To overcome the speed limitation in hardware design and to implement the mismatch correction algorithm in real time, this paper proposes a fully parallel correction algorithm. A 12-bit 1-Gsps waveform digitizer with ENOB around 10.5 bit from 5 MHz to 200 MHz is implemented based on the real-time correction algorithm.
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