Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.1093 (ALICE Collaboration)

Energy Dependence of the Transverse Momentum Distributions of Charged
Particles in pp Collisions Measured by ALICE

ALICE Collaboration
Differential cross sections of charged particles in inelastic pp collisions as a function of p_T have been measured at sqrt(s) = 0.9, 2.76 and 7 TeV at the LHC. The p_T spectra are compared to NLO-pQCD calculations. Though the differential cross section for an individual sqrt(s) cannot be described by NLO-pQCD, the relative increase of cross section with sqrt(s) is in agreement with NLO-pQCD. Based on these measurements and observations, procedures are discussed to construct pp reference spectra at sqrt(s) = 2.76 and 5.02 TeV up to p_T = 50 GeV/c as required for the calculation of the nuclear modification factor in nucleus-nucleus and proton-nucleus collisions.
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