Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0721 (Justin Evans et al.)

The MINOS experiment: results and prospects    [PDF]

Justin Evans, for the MINOS collaboration
The MINOS experiment has used the world's most powerful neutrino beam to make precision neutrino oscillation measurements. By observing the disappearance of muon neutrinos, MINOS has made the world's most precise measurement of the larger neutrino mass splitting, and has measured the neutrino mixing angle $\theta_{23}$. Using a dedicated antineutrino beam, MINOS has made the first direct precision measurements of the corresponding antineutrino parameters. A search for \nue and \nuebar appearance has enabled a measurement of the mixing angle $\theta_{13}$. A measurement of the neutral-current interaction rate has confirmed oscillation between three active neutrino flavours. MINOS will continue as MINOS+ in an upgraded beam with higher energy and intensity, allowing precision tests of the three-flavour neutrino oscillation picture, in particular a very sensitive search for the existence of sterile neutrinos.
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