Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1305.5979 (Ke Ye et al.)

The CERN LHC Sensitivity on measuring WZGamma Production and Anomalous
WWZGamma Coupling

Ke Ye, Daneng Yang, Qiang Li
In this paper we present for the first time a detailed Monte Carlo study of measuring WZGamma production with pure leptonic decays and probing anomalous quartic gauge-boson WWZGamma couplings at the sqrt(s) = 14 TeV LHC, with parton shower and detector simulation effects taken into account. We find that with an integrated luminosity of 100 fb-1 and proper selection cuts, the Standard Model WZGamma signal significance can be improved to as much as 3 sigma. After reviewing previous parametrization on anomalous WWZGamma couplings (see e.g.an/Lambda^2 or k2m/Lambda^2 as shown in Ref. [17]), we propose a more general parametrization scheme with 4 free inputs leading only to genuine WWZGamma aQGC couplings. Finally, our numerical results show that one can reach constraints at 95% confidence level of -5.7 * 10^{-5} GeV^{-2} < k2m/Lambda^2 < 5.5 * 10^{-5} GeV^{-2} and -2.2 x 10^{-5} GeV^{-2} < an/Lambda^2 < 2.4 * 10^{-5} GeV^{-2}, which are more stringent than LEP's results by three orders of magnitude.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1305.5979

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