Monday, May 27, 2013

1305.5758 (Stephan Durr)

Convergence issues in ChPT: a lattice perspective    [PDF]

Stephan Durr
This review addresses the practical convergence of the ChPT series in the p-regime. In the SU(2) framework there is a number of new results, and improved estimates of \bar\ell_3 and \bar\ell_4 are available. In the SU(3) framework few new lattice computations have appeared and the improvement in the precision of the low-energy constants L_i is comparatively slow. I sketch some of the convergence issues genuine to extensions of ChPT which include additional sources of chiral symmetry breaking (finite lattice spacing) and/or violations of unitarity (different sea and valence quark masses). Finally, it is pointed out that the quark mass ratios m_u/m_d, m_s/m_d happen to be such that no reordering of the chiral series is needed to accommodate the experimental pion and kaon masses.
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