Monday, May 27, 2013

1305.5751 (L. Y. Dai et al.)

Three pseudoscalar meson production in $e^+ e^-$ annihilation    [PDF]

L. Y. Dai, J. Portoles, O. Shekhovtsova
We study, at leading order in the large number of colours expansion and within the Resonance Chiral Theory framework, the odd-intrinsic-parity $e^+ e^- \rightarrow \pi^+ \pi^- (\pi^0, \eta)$ cross-sections in the energy regime populated by hadron resonances, namely $3 \, m_{\pi} \lsim E \lsim 2 \, \mbox{GeV}$. In addition we implement our results in the Monte Carlo generator PHOKHARA 7.0 and we simulate hadron production through the radiative return method.
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