Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0422 (Giampiero Passarino)

Higgs Boson Production and Decay: Dalitz Sector    [PDF]

Giampiero Passarino
The processes involving a Higgs boson, a photon(gluon) and a fermion pair pose severe challenges to the experimental analysis. They represent rare decays and production mechanisms of the Higgs boson at LHC. However, they are not Yukawa suppressed at next-to-leading order opening a window for the correct definition of pseudo-observables, e.g. a definition of the Higgs decay width into Z + photon with universal inherent meaning, that are currently used in extracting information for the couplings of the newly discovered resonance at LHC. The impact of genuinely electroweak NLO corrections is discussed, as well as the comparison of the full-fledged cross-sections to their zero-width approximation.
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