Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0067 (Kingman Cheung et al.)

Collider Constraints on the Dark Matter Interpretation of the CDMS II

Kingman Cheung, Chih-Ting Lu, Po-Yan Tseng, Tzu-Chiang Yuan
The recent observation of three events by the CDMS II experiment can be interpreted as a 8.6 GeV dark matter scatters elastically with the nucleons inside the silicon detectors with a spin-independent cross section of 1.9 x 10^-41 cm^2. We employ the effective dark matter interaction approach to fit to the interpreted cross section, and make predictions for monojet and monophoton production at the LHC with the fitted parameters. We show that some of the operators are already ruled out by current data while the others can be further probed in the upcoming 14 TeV run of the LHC.
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