Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.7018 (Maximilian Schlupp)

Measurement of $γ$ from $B \rightarrow DK$ decays at LHCb    [PDF]

Maximilian Schlupp
We report results from the first measurements of the CKM angle $\gamma$ using $B\rightarrow DK$ decays with the LHCb experiment. Three well established methods are used to extract the CP observables. The updated measurement of $\gamma$ in the three-body $D^0$ Dalitz space results in $\gamma = (57\pm 16)^\circ$. When combining the observables from all \bdk studies, the best fit value for $\gamma \in [0,180]^\circ$ is $\gamma = 67.2^\circ$ with $\gamma \in [55.1,79.1]^\circ$ at 68%CL and $\gamma \in [43.9, 89.5]^\circ$ at 95%CL. This represents the most precise $\gamma$ values directly measured by a single experiment. Furthermore, a new time-dependent approach using $B_s \rightarrow D_s K$ decays is used for the first time to measure CP observables and future prospects for $\gamma$ at LHCb are given.
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