Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5068 (J. de Blas et al.)

Global Constraints on Lepton-Quark Contact Interactions    [PDF]

J. de Blas, M. Chala, J. Santiago
The Large Hadron Collider can do precision physics at a level that is competitive with electroweak precision constraints when probing physics beyond the Standard Model. We present a simple yet general parameterization of the effect of an arbitrary number of lepton-quark contact interactions on any di-lepton observable at hadron colliders. This parameterization can be easily adopted by the experimental collaborations to put bounds on arbitrary combinations of lepton-quark contact interactions. We compute the corresponding bounds from current di-lepton resonance searches at the LHC and find that they are competitive with and often complementary to indirect constraints from electroweak precision data. We combine all current constraints in a global analysis to obtain the most stringent bounds on lepton-quark contact interactions. We also show that the high-energy phase of the LHC has a unique potential in terms of discovery and discrimination power among different types of lepton-quark contact interactions.
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