Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.5010 (Jürgen Reuter et al.)

Little Higgs Model Limits from LHC - Input for Snowmass 2013    [PDF]

Jürgen Reuter, Marco Tonini, Maikel de Vries
The status of the most prominent model implementations of the Little Higgs paradigm, the Littlest Higgs with and without discrete T parity as well as the Simplest Little Higgs are reviewed. For this, we are taking into account a fit to 21 electroweak precision observables from LEP, SLC, Tevatron together with the full 25/fb of Higgs data reported from ATLAS and CMS at Moriond 2013. We also - focusing on the Littlest Higgs with T parity - include an outlook on corresponding direct searches at the 8 TeV LHC and their competitiveness with the EW and Higgs data regarding their exclusion potential. This contribution to the Snowmass procedure contains preliminary results of DESY 13-123 and serves as a guideline which regions in parameter space of Little Higgs models are still compatible for the upcoming LHC runs and future experiments at the energy frontier. For this we propose two different benchmark scenarios for the Littlest Higgs with T parity, one with heavy mirror quarks, one with light ones.
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